..because children should play in the dirt, food should come from the soil, and fun should be the key to learning. 

Growing your own veggies is fun, educational and easy

 with mighty Mole's urban gardening packages

Mighty Mole Gardens was launched by a DC mom who loves to garden with her children.  Mighty Mole wants you, too, to discover how rewarding it is to grow your own.  A few reasons why you should start veggie gardening today:

There’s a little magic in every seed

Did you know that inside every seed is a living baby plant?

Children (and adults) marvel at the tiny miracle that takes place each time a seed grows into a plant.   It’s so simple and fun to plant a seed and watch it grow!  Mighty Mole offers only the best quality organic seeds, specifically selected for mid-Atlantic gardeners. 

Healthy eating starts with one bite

 Did you know that it can take more than 10 tries before a baby will willingly eat a new food?

Older kids can be even more stubborn!

Studies show that kids are much more likely to try (and like) a new food if they help grow or cook it.  Over time, one bite leads to another, and they’ll be on their way to eating well for life!

Grow away, allergies!

Did you know that vegetables with high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may reduce allergies?

These include broccoli, kale, spinach and swiss chard.  What’s more, younger plants can pack a bigger punch of nutrients than the mature plants you see at the grocery store.    

Dirt, dirt – it Don’t hurt!

Did you know dirt is actually good for kids?

Scientists believe that playing in the dirt helps kids develop healthy immune systems. 

Touch, feel, look, listen, learn!

Did you know that kids learn more when they use all of their senses to explore something new?

That’s why Mighty Mole has developed a fun, interactive game with pictures and fun facts to add another dimension to the growing experience.