Organic Vegetable Gardening Made Simple 

Complete & compact garden packages for busy urban families.  

The Mole's Goals:

- Engage kids and grown-ups in hands-on fun and learning

 - Encourage healthy eating

-Promote respect for the environment






Mighty Mole Gardens is:

Green.  Mighty Mole uses natural, eco-friendly products, such as sustainably harvested cedar wood and organic, non-GMO seeds.  All paints and finishes are made from non-toxic, non-VOC products, such as milk paint and hemp oil.  Whenever possible, Mighty Mole Gardens sources its products locally and uses scrap and leftover wood cuts to build smaller components.

Educational.  Gardening is a wonderful, hands-on way to bring kids closer to nature, encourage environmental stewardship, and shape healthy eating habits.

Charitable.  Mighty Mole Gardens gives back to the local, Washington, D.C. community by donating 10% of its profits to local charities working to support needy families in the area.

Simple.  You have enough complexity in your life already!  Our products are designed to make gardening fun and uncomplicated.